Monday, June 16, 2008

June 16/Special Olympic Bike Ride

Monday, June 16th. The 30 mile section of this ride took me from one Cleveland State Fraternity Brother's home in Avon to another in Oberlin. Spent a lovely day with my friends Ralph and Melissa. If you have never visited Oberlin, please put it on your 'Bucket List'. It is a really neat place. I will definitely be making a return visit to check out the Allen Museum, FAVA and Finney Chapel. Had time to bum around with my pals, get a haircut, visit a bakery, have two fine meals and fix the bike. Oh, did I forget to mention that touring bikes break on a regular basis?

The grinding noise began about 5 miles into today's ride. Sounded like it was coming from either the crank or one of the pedals. In my experience, whenever a potential problem arises it is always the most expensive problem that requires the fix. I was certain that the bottom bracket bearings had fried and if I could find a bike shop it was going to be at least eighty bucks. My CSU fraternity brother Ralph who is an avid bicycle rider suggested we take a look at the pedal bearings. As usual, if I'd learned anything since meeting Ralph in 1973, it is that Ralph is usually right. We took the pedal bearings to the Oberlin College Bike Co-op and for the princely sum of $1.50, had the repair accomplished.

Other cool things that happened today. Delivered my first 'Bicycling Ambassador' card and safety green T-shirt to the Oberlin Masonic Lodge. I have photos to prove it, I just haven't figured out how to load them to this blog. Will be heading off toward Sandusky tomorrow. Wish me fair winds and good luck. And a little bit of love for my left knee. Much obliged.
Brother Spudd


CAT said...

Nice transition~ athlete to techno geek~ you really define the phrase "just try it!" I'm sure photos will follow~ just try for a few younger Masons! Call ahead and have someone meet you~ they do have cars and you are only minutes away on the road not days... I think you have done well and can do even more as you make your way to Columbus~ easy on the knees, isn't Columbus down hill from Cleveland?? All the best, CAT

Andrew Jarvi said...

Got the picture thing figured out for you Brother. On your blog toolbar there is a itsy bitsy picture icon over by the spell check. Click this and it will bring up a window to upload images. Hope that helps and I look forward to seeing the pictures.

Bro. Jarvi

Mission Control said...

Brother Spudd, Mission Control here. Receiving good telemetry from your mission. Link to Lake Shore 307 site operational (obviously or you wouldn't be able to read this). Link to Terrific 25th and Grand Lodge pending. Possible mission change: Contacted news media, question: would you be interested in blogging with reporters on your journey? Will advise them of your decision.

Hugs and kisses,

Brother Hammer