Friday, June 27, 2008

June 26, Speical Olympics Bike Ride

Thursday. Westerville, Ohio.
Woke up as usual around 6:00am, flipped on the TV to a local Columbus station and saw videos of flooded roads and fields. Apparently the lines of severe thunderstorms that had pummeled the area had produced up to 4.5" of rain in some places. Also, the tornado warning sirens had gone off last night, but I blissfully slept through them. No harm, no foul.

Rolling by 8:00am, I found myself in Columbus rush hour traffic on Route 23 South. Five miles of that cacaphony brought me to Chesire Road and I headed eastward along a much quieter route. Crossing Alum Creek Resevoir, (quite the pond!!), I soon found a 'Rails-to-Trails' bikepath which I followed south into Westerville. Walking Pigbike through town, I found the Westerville Lodge and left a Special Olympics t-shirt and my calling card.

After a short hop of 21 miles I arrived at the parent's house of one of my Couch Potato Running Team member's, Nurse Neff. Roger and Betty Neff are most gracious hosts. They fed and watered me and allowed me the BEST, long overdue afternoon nap of my trip. Apparently I was conked out so soundly, that Mom Neff was afraid I had expired! Not so, I was awake in time for a lovely dinner and evening with the world travelling Neff's, including a guided tour of Roger's award winning hosta gardens. Remarkably impressive plantings and arragements.

Spent some time sewing my riding shorts back together with dental floss. I won't win any blue ribbons for my abilities as a seamstress, but dental floss is a sturdy fix-all on the road. Tomorrow I finish my appointed run to the Opening of the Ohio Special Olympics. I cannot wait to meet the athletes, as well as my Brother Masons who I hope are looking forward to greeting me. From what I can gather, local media coverage of the Special Olympics has been spotty at best. That is a pure shame.

Anyway, a BIG DAY tomorrow!! The Opening Ceremonies of the Special Olympics. And I get to be a small part of Ohio Special Olympic history on behalf of my Brothers Masons throughout the State and especially Lakeshore Lodge 307. It is a very cool feeling. Wish you were here.

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CAT said...

Columbus tomorrow... there may even be balloons like at the end of the Columbus Marathons~ you are almost to the finish line... or the starting line actually.
Don't you get to be there when they announce, "Let the Games begin!" Can't wait to see the pictures soon.
you're amazing, CAT